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Name:Sexy War: HBO war mini fandoms
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Community description:Fannish announcements and works based on HBO's Band of Brothers, Generation Kill, and The Pacific.
Welcome to Sexy War!

I created this community for those on Dreamwidth who enjoy the HBO war mini series' Band of Brothers, Generation Kill, and The Pacific (airing March 14th on HBO in the States). You don't have to be a fan of all three shows, neither do your posts have to include all three. Here you can share and enjoy fannish works featuring any one of the above sexy wars; graphics, fic, fanart, mixes. You can also use [community profile] sexy_war as a notices board for you ficathons, challenges, picspams, reclists, rewatches, RPGs etc.

The rules are simple:
Respect your CO's, the community moderators.

You are brothers and sisters in arms; you should have each others' backs. Flaming and other uncool behaviour will get you banned.

The focus is on the fictional portrayal of World War II and The Second Iraqi war. This is not a community for works or discussion about the real people the stories are based on, but the HBO dramatisations. This means that, while I have a burning love for Ron Livingston, RPF works, graphics etc are not allowed unless they're in combination with BoB/GK/ThePac content, and general new links about any of the actors or their RL counterparts do not belonge here at all.

Crossovers with other fandoms (or within these three fandoms!) are welcomed and encouraged.

When posting fic/art please use the following format:

You are welcome to post your works directly to the comm, or as a link to your journal. Either way, every post must be tagged with the fandom, and type of work. If you'd like a tag/s, please use the !tag request tag, and note what tag/s you'd like.

Where did the name [community profile] sexy_war come from? Well it came about from the summary of Sad Songs to Keep Me Awake by [ profile] annakovsky, a (the first) Band of Brothers/Jonas Brothers crossover. I found it an entirely fitting description of BoB, GK, and The Pacific, from a fannish viewpoint. I do not mean to demean the importance of the true stories behind these miniseries', or to sound flippant about war in any way. But let's face it, the actors are pretty sexy.

If you have any concerns, please contact [personal profile] stepps via private message (I don't do email very well).
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